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The referee community Respect The Referee will again be awarding the “Respect The Referee“Award this year in cooperation with the IG Referees. The community (ie you!) Can deliver three votes a day. The voting will be valid until next Wednesday, after which the result of the vote will be announced.

Just like last year, our community has the chance to elect the best referee. We have nominated 10 names who are in the race to win the title and you will have until July 25th at 00:00 CET (Central European Time) to vote. You have three votes per day. The nominated referees are the following (in alphabetical order according to their surname).

1 – FELIX BRYCH (Germany): He had a very successful Champions League knockout stage with 4 strong performances in 4 high-profile matches, including the tense second leg between Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid and the first semifinal leg between Liverpool FC and AS Roma.

2 – CÜNEYT ÇAKIR (Turkey): Another successful season for the „man of semifinals“, who has been appointed to the semifinal between Real and Bayern in the Champions League, and to the World Cup semifinal between Croatia and England.

3 – ANDRÉS CUNHA (Uruguay): The „no name“ who was given the lowest chances at the World Cup managed to have three good performances, including the sonorous World Cup semifinal between France and Belgium.

4 – MALANG DIEDHIOU (Senegal): The most positive surprise at the World Cup in terms of refereeing. Appointed to three very good matches on paper, performed in all of his matches very well.

5 – ALIREZA FAGHANI (Iran): Four appearances at the World Cup, including three top-class performances in difficult matches. He had the chance to become Asia’s first World Cup Final referee, was then appointed to the 3rd place match, which he managed as well quite good.

6 – BJÖRN KUIPERS (Netherlands) – Has been appointed to his second UEFA Europa League Final this year, which has been his 8th (!) international final. He can as well look back at a successful 2018 FIFA World Cup with 4 very good performances.

7 – MILORAD MAZIC (Serbia) – The Serbian can look back at a very good 2017/18 season with three good performances at the World Cup and a very good officiating at this year’s UEFA Champions League Final.

8 – MICHAEL OLIVER (England) – England’s new number 1 received high-profile games in the Champions League, including a brave and strong performance in the much discussed Real Madrid vs. Juventus game, where he awarded a brave and fully correct penalty at the end of added time.

9 – NÉSTOR PITANA (Argentina) – Had the honour to referee the opening match and the final at this year’s World Cup. The only referee to appear 5 times at the tournament, all five matches were more or less decently officiated.

10 – DAMIR SKOMINA (Slovenia) – Was in charge of many top-clashes in this UEFA season (including Barcelona-Chelsea and Roma-Liverpool) and can as well look back at three successful games at the World Cup.

"RESPECT THE REFEREE" AWARD 2018Just like last year, our community has the chance to elect the best referee. We have…

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Enjoy the voting and elect the successor of Szymon Marciniak, who has been elected last year by our community.

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