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Video | Champions Late-Night: Today with Szymon Marciniak

Marciniak with one big decision to take in cooperation with Raczkowski. They decided there was a foul in attack before potential deliberate handball of defender. Correct call. Full control, visible good rapport with players, full alert when player was injured. Some minor mistakes: wrong throw-in direction shown by Sokolnicki, missed corner. Some very tight on/offside calls for Sokolnicki.

More than easy first half for Marciniak, with only 8 fouls whistled. Just to mention one situation, minute 42′ – 43′ Napoli asked or a penalty following a touch by hand, but Marciniak, in cooperation with AAR1decided for the previous foul by Napoli’s player. In my opinion absolutely correct decision and good cooperation. AR1 was quite challenged at the beginning of the game with some ONSIDE call, one of them was really borderline. However, so far, OK performance, expected level. Maybe second half will be more challenging for the Polish crew. (My note: 8.6)

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